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An estimated 50% of the population lives in an economic environment of stagnant wages, house prices and rising costs related to their basic needs of health, food, housing and education.

Healthcare costs represent the 2nd largest area of household expenditure. An average working family has to deal with not only less money in their paycheck as they pay for their share of healthcare benefits; but also increasing out-of-pocket cost exposure as employers continue the shift towards high deductible plans. The lack of savings leads working families to continue to lose savings and dig further into a debt spiral as they grapple with out-of-pocket costs.

Nearly 70% of the working population in US today has $1,000 or less in savings.

Payssurance aims to solve the crisis facing American families today.

Our mission is to provide working families with the necessary peace of mind that comes with the certainty of being able to pay for out-of-pocket costs without the added burden of increased debt or just living paycheck to paycheck. We are starting with the largest and most complex burden of healthcare costs but the mission of improving lives of working families goes well beyond healthcare. Be part of the journey!

The Team

Experienced Team

Vineet Gulati

CEO Payssurance, Capgemini Life
Sciences & Healthcare Practice Lead

Pritam Prassad

CTO, Payssurance, Enterprise Architect,

Divyesh Motiwalla

Data Sciences, Chief Architect, Payssurance

Petru Soroaga

Lead Engineer, Payssurance

Kelly Walsh

CFO, Payssurance CFO, Kaiser Indemnity Corp.

Rohail Khan

Strategic Advisor, Payssurance. Former Group President, Xerox Healthcare Administration. Former Global President, Hewitt Benefits Administration

Abby George

Chief Strategy Officer, Payssurance Former VP, Workplace Investing Solutions, Fidelity

Board & Advisors

Henry Eickelberg

Board, Payssurance, VP HR, General Dynamics, Board Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp.

Dr. Liza Danzig

Board, Payssurance, EVP & CMO, PAXVAX Vaccines, Advisor, HealthExpense

Marian Sabety

Board, Payssurance, Investor/Advisor, Board (SkillMil, MyTelemedicine.com)

Peter Andersen

Strategic Advisor, Payssurance,
Chief Strategy Officer, Sutter
Health 2004-2018

Jesus Saucedo

VP, Payssurance, Physician Leader, Advisor, Former EVP Sutter Health

Raman Suri

Advisor, Payssurance, SVP Lending Club, MD Head of Insurance BlackRock

Neeraj Sood

Strategic Advisor, Payssurance, Prof. & Vice-Dean, Research, USC Schaeffer Health Policy Center