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Why is the healthcare journey so complex, fraught with financial and health challenges and difficult to navigate?

Healthcare today is opaque and fraught with friction in every step leading to poor engagement, drop in chronic care and long term poor outcomes. Fear, anxiety, apathy (of costs, language, community, access) drive consumers. The impact on outcomes (8-10% decrease in medications and health services) and inescapable financial costs (10-13% of families at financial risk with every increase) is significant and reaching urgency with the oncoming economic impacts. Organizations and payers will have to grapple with corporate downsizing, huge unemployment, reclassifying workforce and reduce legacy healthcare benefits.

Harmony Health is a cognitive approach to personalize healthcare delivery to every individual. This improves the human condition while assuring financial risk mitigation. By bringing contextual intelligence to every individual’s condition, benefits plan, and financial health, Harmony removes friction in the chain and improves outcomes.

Nearly 70% of the working population in US today has $1,000 or less in savings.

Payssurance aims to solve the crisis facing American families today.

Harmony Health is a conversational experience that uses AI, machine learning, data, benefits and services. Through touch, voice, and alerts over personal devices, Harmony Health drives specific healthcare services targeted to individual conditions, helps navigate in native languages, provides guidance, and enables payments and incentives.

  • Provides healthcare services & benefits tailored to consumers’ health condition
  • Engages continuously to follow consumers’ healthcare needs and improve outcomes through predictive intelligence at the correct time
  • Provides payment and innovative financial incentives to help consumers make the right healthcare decisions
  • Communicates context sensitive information to consumers in the time, language and place of their choice

The Team

Experienced Team

Vineet Gulati

CEO, Harmony Health Capgemini Life
Sciences & Healthcare Practice Lead

Pritam Prassad

CTO, Harmony Health, Enterprise Architect,

Divyesh Motiwalla

Data Sciences, Chief Architect, Harmony Health

Petru Soroaga

Lead Engineer, Harmony Health

Kelly Walsh

CFO, Harmony Health. CFO, Kaiser Indemnity Corp.

Rohail Khan

Chief Sales Officer, Harmony Health. Former Group President, Xerox Healthcare Administration. Former Global President, Hewitt Benefits Administration

Abby George

Chief Strategy Officer, Harmony Health. Former VP, Workplace Investing Solutions, Fidelity

Board & Advisors

Henry Eickelberg

Board, Harmony Health. VP HR, General Dynamics, Board Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp.

Dr. Liza Danzig

Board, Harmony Health. EVP & CMO, PAXVAX Vaccines, Advisor, HealthExpense

Marian Sabety

Board, Harmony Health. Investor/Advisor, Board (SkillMil, MyTelemedicine.com)

Peter Andersen

Strategic Advisor, Harmony Health.
Chief Strategy Officer, Sutter
Health 2004-2018

Jesus Saucedo

Advisor, Harmony Health. Physician Leader, Advisor, Former EVP Sutter Health

Raman Suri

Advisor, Harmony Health. SVP Lending Club, MD Head of Insurance BlackRock

Neeraj Sood

Strategic Advisor, Harmony Health. Prof. & Vice-Dean, Research, USC Schaeffer Health Policy Center