Control Your Healthcare Deductibles and Medical Expenses

In an ideal world, your health and wellbeing should be your greatest priority; money should be the least of your worries. That’s why Payssurance is dedicated to helping you Explore, Plan, Apply and Pay for your patient expenses — so you can focus on getting the health and wellness treatment you need.


Explore Various Medical Procedures

Click and choose from an extensive list of medical procedures

Easily search for common medical procedures

Get a rough estimate of how much a procedure will cost


Plan How to Pay for Your Medical Procedure

Enter basic information

Assess your best financing and payment options

Our advanced algorithms do all the computations


Apply for Financing

Find the best credit options

Apply for financing your patient deductible and set yourself on a path to savings

Save money by getting the best deals


Pay your Doctor or Hospital directly from your financed deductible

Pay from any source (bank, HSA, cash, card) or the patient financing

Pay any Doctor or Hospital

We suggest the best method of payment to ensure you are building savings today and tomorrow

About Payssurance

Payssurance is led by a team of technology experts with deep and extensive experience in healthcare and financial services space.

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Jesus Saucedo
Henry Eickelberg
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Pritam Prasad
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